Avid NEXIS | E4 or E5 to Build a Maximum Scale System?


Avid NEXIS | E5 is now available and shipping.

The Avid NEXIS | E5 is the industry’s most dense collaborative storage solution. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about when to use Avid NEXIS E4 or Avid NEXIS E5.

The main difference is density. The Avid NEXIS | E5 can provide 480TB of capacity and 3.2GB/sec of throughput in 5 rack units for the storage, an equivalent Avid NEXIS E4 configuration requires 16 rack units. The Avid NEXIS | E5 is 3x the density of the Avid NEXIS E4.

Avid NEXIS | E5 connected to the network with 40Gbps Ethernet, whereas the Avid NEXIS | E4 using 10gbps. This reduces the number of network switch interfaces required for the Avid NEXIS | E5.

All other features are EQUAL.

  • Scale max capacity 1.44PB
  • Throughput 9.6 GB/sec
  • Media Protection*
  • High Availability /Redundant Controllers

Please note that there is a minimum of 3 engines required for media mirror/seamless engine protection.

Therefore, if the customer has unlimited floor and rack space, the Avid NEXIS | E4 is perfectly fine.

If the customer has restricted floor and rack space, the Avid NEXIS | E5 is the correct choice.

Also, remember Avid NEXIS is Software Define Storage, meaning Avid NEXIS | E4 and E5 can be combined in the same system if required.

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