Imagine Communications – Selenio X50 v4.1 firmware yayınlandı

Imagine Communications – Selenio 2.1 Release yayınlandı. Yeni firmware Customer Support Portal‘ dan giriş yaparak Knowledge Base’ den indirebilirsiniz.

Release notları aşağıdadır.


Release 4.1


Release 4.1 is a re-build of release 4.0.0 due to a random reboot issue

  • Issue 119106: X50 Spontaneous Rebooting Issue


Release 4.0.0 Summary

Selenio X50TM release 4.0.0 is a major code update.


A note about the Rules Engine (Parameter Control Scripts and Custom GPI scripts):

There may be new parameters added in this code release. If a parameter control script or custom GPI script has been used for a workaround until new parameters are added and this code update is applied, the module should be setup using the latest code with the new parameters. The parameter control script or customer GPI scripts must be rewritten to remove the workaround, and retested.

Features & Enhancements

  • Advanced menu is always displayed
  • Rules Engine enhancement –  add Custom GPI Scripts (This feature is called Custom GPI Scripts-RGC)
  • DBN Ignore default value update
  • A parameter for auto routing active video input
  • IP address configuration from GUI
  • AFD/Rules Engine enhancement


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Issue 94873: H-Phase is now consistent after reboot
  • Issue 40502: Logo is displayed upon recalling a preset
  • Issue 71362: AAP module now can recover from a mute status
  • Issue 73825: Fiber In LED no longer displays false flash with a -18dBm source
  • Issue 88365: Audio Preset is properly restored even after a power cycle
  • Issue 90648: Adjusted gain is now reflected on a WFM after a reboot
  • Issue 101368: “Fill Color” for background can be changed to other colors, not limited to black
  • Issue 101475: X/Y position for logo is correctly restored upon preset load
  • Issue 101476: Default value for logo insertion is set to Disabled” after factory recall
  • Issue 101773: Local preset load/save now works properly on the very first operation of a unit
  • Issue 101826: All presets listed load and save correctly
  • Issue 101962: GPI Out State implementation is same as X100
  • Issue 101963: GPI Out behaves correctly
  • Issue 101966: Custom Input GPI works properly
  • Issue 101998: Operating in delay mode and Proc Bypass mode does not display distorted video and audio
  • Issue 40312: Local presets are mapped as a parameter
  • Issue 40438: When switching between two 720p/50 sources in Sync mode under 89/50Hz operation, there is no longer 1 second of frozen video frames
  • Issue 56336: Logo display enable/disable works properly
  • Issue 62592: When composite analog is selected as input video source, blanking level of VBI area is at correct level
  • Issue 73609: Analog/AES audio feedback is stable
  • Issue 74490: Dynamic Control for Dolby D encoder works correctly
  • Issue 82335: Logo does not display jagged edges
  • Issue 85899: TBC mode does not have a 10 sample shift
  • Issue 88743: FTP does not allow anonymous login
  • Issue 88977: Upon power up, video does not display green output
  • Issue 90706: X50 can decode Dolby-E on upconverted Nexio clips
  • Issue 90923: When input is HD 1080i/50 and output is 625/50, burst of glitches does not happen
  • Issue 91216: Multimerge/UpMix default values are updated
  • Issue 91223: Parameter Control Script can use more than 10 parameters
  • Issue 95122: FPGA Core Overheat false alarm no longer happens
  • Issue 95567: Telnet through port 230 does not allow root access
  • Issue 96100: Audio routing is restored after reboot
  • Issue 96206: Audio setting is saved after power recycle
  • Issue 68896: LFE lowpass filter setting dependency for Dolby Digital and Dolby E encoder behaves correctly


Known Limitations

  • When switching SDI1 from 1080i/59 and or to SD-525, CC 608 may not be displayed